Use Window Locks and Enhance Your Home Security

Western Australia Home security should be a priority to every WA homeowner because, for most people, this is their most valued asset. If you have not considered installing window locks, you should reconsider the decision. This is because they enhance home security as they secure the windows making them hard to open and deters intruders. Remember that most thieves or burglars will first try to get into the house through the window and if they cannot, they might be discouraged to move on. 

Why Are Window Locks Important?

Windows without locks become a target for home intruders and burglars. It’s quite easy for them to go through a window unnoticed rather than using a door. By having window locks installed (suitable for the window type) this will deter them and it will enhance the security of your belongings and house at large. There are different types of window locks that you can choose from.  

  • Window Latches

Regardless of the window material, you can use window latches that are readily available today. They are highly effective in securing the windows and home at large and in addition to this, they have a stylish look. They include folding latch window locks. 

  • Keyed Window Locks

If your house has single-hung, double-hung or sliding windows, keyed window locks would be a great option. The installation requires the technician to secure the locks to the window frame and to the bottom of the side of the window. For this option, a key will be required to unlock the window. 

  • Window Bars 

These locks significantly deter burglars from even trying to go through the window and into the house. They make it really hard for someone to gain access to the house. The locks can be used in varieties of windows and depending on your preferences and requirements, you will get the locks in varying sizes and shapes. 

Due to the difference that window locks have, it’s vital to have a professional install them. Seek guidance first on the most appropriate locks for your window types. Remember that they vary in quality and functionality. Some are known to be more effective and more secure than others. The advantage of having these locks is that they improve the security of your home. The lock should be suitable for the window types, they should be effective and they should not reduce the value of your home.