Increasing Your Home Security

Most homeowners take home security seriously and they install sophisticated security systems. They forget that even other areas such as sheds and garages need to be secured. This is actually one of the ways that you can boost your home security. 

How to Increase Home Security through the Garage

Garages should be secured as well and should not be overlooked while securing your home. The security should even be higher if there are valuables stored in the garage, heavy-duty locks are one way that you can increase the security. The garage should also have a deadbolt on its doors. It’s also important that you get into a habit of closing all the doors to the garage including the exterior and those connecting the garage to the house.

Increasing Home Security through the Shed

The shed is where you keep some of your valuable items. For this reason, it should be secured. A shed should have a heavy-duty lock to ensure that these items are safe.

Secure Points of Entry

Burglars or intruders will find it easy to get to your house if the entry points are not secured. These should be the first places to be secured. These include all doors from the gate, the garage door, the windows, skylight, and the doors. Some of the measures to be taken include securing the frames, installing a security system and getting additional heavy-duty locks.

Secure the Perimeter

The perimeter wall or the fence surrounding your home should also be secured. Most homeowners put an electric fence to ensure that no intruders whether animals or human beings can cross over. This will act as a deterrent to the entire home.

Your Home is Valuable, Secure it

Whatever you have in your home is valuable. Whether it is an expensive home or not, it is valuable. The house and the home at large is an asset that you hold dearly. This is why you should ensure that you take the necessary and specific measures to secure it.

As a homeowner, you should not focus on the house only, but all the adjacent and secondary structures when installing security systems. Besides securing areas where you keep your valuables, these could also be used as entry points to your house if not secured. By securing the doors, windows, sheds, and garages, you will be taking your home security to the next level.

Home Security Options that you Can Choose From

When you have a reliable security system in place, you will be more at ease knowing that burglars will think twice before invading your home. Homes that do not have security systems are an easy target and when there are intruders or burglars in their home, the only thing they can do is to protect themselves and report the matter to the authorities. In the modern world where technology advancements are reliable, there are many home security options that homeowners can choose from.

  • Opt for Non-Monitored Home Security Systems

If you are on a budget but you still want a security system in place, you can go for the non-monitored security systems. They will react when they detect intruders by flashing exterior lights in your home, dialing the local police and sounding a siren. It’s important that you ensure there are no false alarms.

  • Wireless Security Systems

If you are looking for a home security system that is easy to install and will function even when there is no power, the wired home security systems are the best. The components include small radio transmitters and batteries. When these transmitters are activated, they signal the central control units. Due to the fact that they are compact, they can easily be hidden.

  • Opt for Monitored Security Systems

This is for those that want the alarm company to respond to any intrusion in their homes. This is because, installation involves linking the system to a monitoring response station and one disadvantage about it is that it has a monthly fee.

  • Wired Security Systems

Installation of wired security systems is time consuming since wires are used to connect all the components throughout the house. This has to be done carefully to hide the entire system. The components include internet connection, control unit, sensors and telephone dialer. You may be worried about the danger of having wires throughout your house but these wires are low voltage. You may opt for non-monitored or monitored wired security systems.

Security is a great concern for many not only in the streets, but also in homes. Burglars are watching homes and will come in at any time whether you are at home or not. It’s of paramount importance that you enhance your home security with the most suitable security systems.

By weighing each home security system option available, you can ‘watch’ your home even when away. You can scare off burglars at any time. It depends on the features that you want in a security system contract since there are companies that will take care of medical emergencies and fires in the compound.

Teaching Your Kids on Matter of Personal Security

As a parent or a guardian, you are responsible for the safety of your young ones. Security measures involve many aspects and this means that you should explain this to them. It could be a break-in at home that they fear or a man with a gun.

Security threats are immense both online and offline. It’s important that they are aware of the possible risks and how to minimize their chances of being victims.

Reasons you need to Explain Security Measures to Kids

When something bad happens and kids are involved, this will traumatize them for a long time to come. They tend to always fear a reoccurrence. They need to know what can minimize the chances of a reoccurrence and on the other hand, this should not add more traumas to them or make them await a traumatic experience. It should make them feel safer.

How to explain it to them

One of the most effective ways to explain security measures taken at home to kids is making it fun. They are not adults thus they may not be able to understand like grown-ups would. Explain in a way that they can relate such as using their favorite superheroes. They will understand better.

Teach Them Some Emergency Drills

If a fire alarm goes off while in the house, your little ones should know what to do and what not to do. Advise them on the routes to get out of the house and anything else that they should do. It is important that you practice with them and let them do it on their own until they get a knack of it.

Teach them on Emergency Calls

There are times that might call for emergency calls. It could be after an attempted break-in, fire, sickness or injury. Your kids could save a life if shown how to go about it. This means that it is critical they learn how and when to make emergency calls. They should not call unless it is necessary.

Besides the Security Measures That You Take In Your Home

Besides the devices that you will install in your home, it is critical they understand other personal security measures that they should take. This includes not talking to strangers, screaming and running when someone tries to take them, not walking alone in deserted areas, not opening the door to strangers and fighting when attacked by people or animals with an intention to harm. This should be refreshed from time to time to ensure that they are up to the minute with it.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Home Security System

In the past, most people did not give much preference to home security systems because the technology was very expensive and was not really available in the market. Today the reverse is the case. There are literally thousands of security systems that are available on the market. Each of them has its strength and weaknesses.

The big question now is how do I choose between them? Settling for the first security system you can find or the one that is currently trending is not a good idea because they may not be durable or might not have the features you are looking for.  

In this article, we are going to be looking at some things you should consider when choosing a home security system.

Wireless Or Hard-Wired

Most security systems that are available on the market are hybrids. What this means is that some can be used as wireless communication, but a part of it is hard-wired. A lot of security experts are advising owners to avoid home security systems that use an analog phone line. The reason why is due to the fact that the lines they are slowly leaving the market. In five years time, they might be completely obsolete.

It is best for homeowners to choose a system that has wireless communication.

Beyond The Standard Alarm System

Your focus when choosing a security system should not be only on the alarms. Presently there is a new technology that can notify you when someone knocks on your front door. Some of them have a video camera that can make it show you the person who is at the front door. In order to get a system that has these features, you have to do a lot of research find out where you can where you can get them.


Self-monitoring means that if someone gained access to your home forcefully, you will get a text message. You can choose to send the message to the authorities or not.

Some security experts have warned that this system is not the best, especially when it comes to home security because your phone may be on silent mode or you may be in a meeting when the alert is sent to your phone.

Final Note

There are a lot of home security gadgets on the market. Doing some research and considering the tips in this article will put you in a better position to choose a good one.

Our 7 Best Tips To Improve Your Home Security

In order to protect yourself and your family, you must protect your home first. However, with so many security tips everywhere, you don’t know what to chose.

We’re here to help! We’ve actually prepared the only guide you need to improve your home security. Our guide contains the best efficient tips on how to improve your home security and keep you and your family secure. Read carefully.

  1. Change the locks or change each entry door

Changing the locks and replacing them with installing new stronger ones is a smart move. However, changing the entire door is smarter. If you replace your old waisted doors with hard wooden or metal ones, you reduce the chance of thieves getting inside. You also need to make sure the doors are strong enough to handle when someone will try to kick inside your home.

  1. Install an alarm system and purchase a warning sign

As you may assume, installing a security alarm system is one of the best ways to improve your home security. You might as well purchase a security sign and scare burglars. However, keep in mind to chose a different security company than the one you use. Thieves may try to hack the system but you will hack their plan.

  1. Keep the wiring hidden to prevent thieves from disabling the security system

Thieves often seek to find wiring around the exterior of your home. In order to prevent them from disabling your security system, keep all wires well hidden.

  1. When you’re out, give the appearance that there’s someone in your house

Although thieves often observe a home before entering, it’s always better to give the appearance that there’s someone in your house. The chances to scare away the burglars are bigger than turning off the lights and give them a green light. Keep some of the light on, leave some music playing or don’t turn off the TV.

  1. Never leave your key in the mailbox or somewhere else around the house

If you could think of a hiding place for your keys, your burglar might as well. Never keep your keys in the mailbox or somewhere around the house. This is a security tip everyone should know about, so please share with friends and neighbors. We advise you to do so because everyone tends to keep hidden keys somewhere around their house or in their mailbox.

  1. Install lights at the entrance to your home

It’s even better if you install sensor lights. That way the lights will automatically turn when an unwanted guest approaching your house. Burglars find it harder to keep up with their plans when the lights are above their head.

  1. Protect your windows and other vulnerable areas of your house

You may think that burglars can enter your home only by a door, however, you are completely wrong. Thieves may enter through windows as well. Or any other vulnerable area they notice in the interior of your house. Keep your windows safe with strong window locks or thieve-resistant glass.